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Bad Habits" played on 100.7 WZLX's Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood

“Flowers at Work” and “Get Out (Live A Little, Love A Lot)” featured on New England Cable News “Morning Show”

"Basement" played on WXRV The River!

New song "This Ain't Rehab" just released on Zippah Recording's Compilation #9 disc!

Phil appeared on "Wicked Late with Brendan Kirby." Links and clips coming soon!

Phil featured on the cover of Metronome Magazine, with feature interview

"Bad Habits" the theme song for the new talk show Single MENtality on The Pulse Network.

Check out fan-made video for "Bad Habits" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpbqS7_5X_c

***Thinking about using an Ayoub song in a video? The Mt. Laurel Ski and Social Club did and NAILED the song's spirit! See the video on the blog page!

***NEW SHOW!  Acoustic gig at the Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods!  Aug 11, 2010.  Check out the dates page for the details...

 ***“Basement” played on WDHA All Mixed Up Radio!

 ***This is a great, well-written review from the very cool Wildy's World blog! Thanks Wildy! (Love that name...) http://wildysworld.blogspot.com/2010/07/phil-ayoub-arrivals-and-departures.html

 ***Got an email from a friend I hadn't heard from in years telling me she heard "Basement" on WMVY! VERY exciting! (for me it is. i can't really guage what her excitement level was) Everyone who hears MVY comments on what an amazing radio station it is...and from little Martha's Vineyard. It really is. Thanks MVY!!!

 ***“Goodnight Romeo,” “Thank You For Bringing Me Home,” “Flowers At Work,” “32 Memory Lane,” “Bad Habits,” “Things That Remind Me You’re Gone,” featured on Longtown Sound!

 ***"Lying and Stealing" won Broadjam.com's "Liar Liar Song of the Month" contest. No, honestly it did. Really. I'm telling the truth this time, I swear!!! Yeah, that song is an oldie...well, its an oldie where I come from...

 ***"Absolute Powerpop" is a great blog! I've been fortunate to have been on it a couple of times, and here again for A&D! http://bit.ly/bo9YK

 ***“Flowers At Work” featured on The Mothpod, along with artist spotlight!

 ***I am surprised and happy to be today's feature on The Independent Music Scene blog! Check it out here http://www.theindependentmusicscene.com/ . Thanks to Paul! (Oh and yes I know I need to get some more recent videos!)

 ***“Get Out (Live A Little, Love A Lot)” and “Flowers at Work” played on WDHA All Mixed Up Radio!

 ***As songs from A&D continue to leak to radio, I wanna thank 94HJY and its Soundcheck show with Big Jim for playing "Get Out (Live A Little, Love A Lot)"!!! I grew up listening to HJY...and never fully finished growing up, really…

 ***A little humor on Pancake Wed. podcast! RT@Uncleshag: Second Dan,Lily Sparks,Bo Bice,Phil Ayoub,Rebel Bran,Gilli Moon http://bit.ly/aJCSc9

 ***Bailey makes his radio debut! Thanks to WNTI in New Jersey for playing "The Bearded Lady" and "Thank You For Bringing Me Home" off the new record. The first doggie of rock 'n roll appears on both of those tunes in two different musical capacities.

 ***“Get Out (Live A Little, Love A Lot)” featured on legendary MTV VJ and current “Podfather” Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code!

 ***RT @picktoclick: Phil Ayoub's "Get Out" &"Basement" played on All Mixed Up radio show this am http://is.gd/cNFPc

 ***“ Get Out (Live A Little, Love A Lot)” featured on The Mothpod, pick of the week!

 ***@philayoub Phil Ayoub's song "Basement" played on WNTI-FM http://is.gd/cPrEL

 ***“Bad Habits” featured on The Mothpod

 ***“Thank You For Bringing Me Home” played on WNTI!

 ***“Ray of Light,” “Life Would Be Pretty Boring As A Button Pusher,” “The Bearded Lady,” Flowers At Work,” “Basement,” “32 Memory Lane” featured on Brave New Frontiers!




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