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Some people do things a little bit backwards.  Phil Ayoub failed at “normal” life…and quit.  After earning an MBA from Boston College and finding his way to a prosperous job at a large investment company, Phil Ayoub left it all behind to write songs. After earning B's in business school (well, B-minuses actually), Ayoub enrolled himself in the school of Bruce, Bono, and Bob…
After leaving the corporate world, Ayoub (pronounced A-Yoob) toyed with the idea of moving from his native New England (he splits time between Boston and Rhode Island) to New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville, but it was at this crossroads that the hand of fate stepped in.  Or more accurately, the mouse-click of fate.
Ayoub came across a “craigslist” online ad from a producer looking for new talent to work with in Providence, RI.  That producer turned out to be Tim Bradshaw, keyboardist and guitarist with David Gray and John Mayer.  Bradshaw liked Ayoub's demos, and signed on to produce his solo record Schoolbus Window Paper Heart, which subsequently had Ayoub performing in venues from the Viper Room in LA to Fenway Park in Boston, and featured songs on such notable and respected stations as WBOS Boston, WXPN Philadelphia, WBCN Boston, WDHA New Jersey, WHJY Providence, WXRV The River Boston, WMVY Martha’s Vineyard, KEXP Seattle, and XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.
Then after a short stint in Nashville, a long break to write songs, and some traveling…
Arrivals and Departures, the new record from singer-songwriter, rocker-folker, coffee drinker, and dog walker Phil Ayoub is finally cleared for landing in 2010! 
Arrivals and Departures finds Ayoub reuniting with inventive producer and talented multi-instrumentalist Bradshaw and also features drumming from the ever cool Kevin Figueiredo from the band Extreme.  Sessions for the album were split between Massachusetts and Stoke-On-Trent in the U.K.
The new record contains 13 songs written in and amongst terminals, coach seats, security offices, food court Sbarros, on runways, baggage claim belts, during strip searches, random bag checks, and 10-minute chair massages in airports and airplanes all over the world.  As well as in the kitchen of his parents’ house. 


Arrivals and Departure Cover







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